Trainer Challenge

I took it upon myself to do a trainer workout this morning from Papa Louie's Blog. He invited anyone who was game to try it out. It is an interval workout that lasts for one hour. I used my road bike, which has a compact crankset, so my gearing is a little different than what the workout calls for. I did the best I could, considering my tri bike is in pieces right now (more on that story in a later post). Here is the workout as I did it with my gearing:

And here is my HR/Cadence/Speed info:

And lastly, the workout data:

I am not sure I believe that I burned 1256 calories, but it was tough nonetheless. This was a fun workout that had me sweating buckets (all over my wife's freshly cleaned floor), and I enjoyed it. Thanks for the challenge, Louie! I plan on incorporating several of the workouts from www.fasttandem.com in my future trainer sessions.